Three to Six Month Labour Payment Options


Technogeek Computer Services is now offering the ability to pay off your labour services.
We offer terms of 3 to 6 months with Monthly payments.
NO Interest - No Extra Charges if paid on time and completed.

  • Invoiced MonthlyPay off over 3-6 months

The following MUST BE READ AND AGREED TO for any of our easy pay plans.
The Term 'You' means the client and the term 'We/Us/Company' means Technogeek Computer Services

• TechPay must be mentioned before any service starts to be valid.
• Repayment Terms are available for Three to Six months timeframe.
• Payment terms are monthly to be setup at signing of contract.
• Photo ID is REQUIRED. Drivers Licence or Passport. 3 forms of ID required in total with a current bill showing your current address.
• All services will be charged by us at our standard $99 hourly rate to a MAXIMUM of 4 hours for home users excluding data services.
• Restricted time in charges excempt for data services. Will be quoted upfront after diagnostics. $50 Fee to Quote.
• Business will be charged by us at either an hourly rate or an agreed upon quoted charge.
• Payments will be split evenly over the agreed upon term of repayments between us and you.
• First payment due at time of signing of contract on pickup of completed service from us.
• All Payments required to be paid via credit card or debit card and will be setup on a recurring payment to the terms agreed upon.
• We cannot accept payment with a standard eftpos card at this time nor via direct deposit.
• Any missed payment will cancel all term options immediately and will require all payment/s to be finalised by 5pm the next business day.
• Failure to finalise payment on terms listed will incur a fee of 50% on top of total invoiced charges with NO exceptions.
• This means if your original invoice was $225 you will pay an extra $112.50

On any monies outstanding due to non payment upon agreed terms than Debt Collectors will be used and all funds owing including all debt collector fees and any extra charges incurred will be liable by you.
Any Charges incurred by any court actions will be liable by you.

We DO NOT offer any discounted services as we offer the above listed pay off term services.

Do you need assistance to repair your computer?

With both our business premises open to the public and our private offsite workshop we have all your services covered.
Providing complete local onsite services, Australia Wide remote support, office and workshop sales, repairs & support we have all your needs covered.

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