We offer 30 Day Warranties on 98% of our services that we provide.

Virus services are not included if you do not use our pc protection services.

Ask us when you pickup your repair what warranty we are offering as we do offer 30 days on most services..


If you get your computer serviced every 12 months with us for $80 (includes Dust Clean, Windows Service, Diagnostics and more) you will get an extra 12 months warranty parts and labour warranty until a warranty claim is made.
Example: If your pc fails during the 5 years with you bringing in your pc for its yearly service we will replace the parts under warranty.

This means that every 12 months that you bring the pc in for a service you extend the warranty for another year or until the warranty is used.

This could end up being a newer technology system after the warranty replacement.
Once you have used the warranty on any computer system it is no longer valid. and is considered finished.

Standard parts warranty on our premium system. Standard Warranty of 1-5 years for those system parts depending on each manufacturers warranty.


We are the ONLY IT Company that offers a warranty on getting any infections in your computer.
Use our pc protection services at ONLY $15 a month and we will fix your windows for FREE if it gets an infection (exludes hardware)
Monitored every 120 minutes and we clean your pc for free (valued at $145) if you ever get a virus while paying for our protection services!!

Do you need assistance to repair your computer?

With both our business premises open to the public and our private offsite workshop we have all your services covered.
Providing complete local onsite services, Australia Wide remote support, office and workshop sales, repairs & support we have all your needs covered.

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